Reality is the difference between what you wish for and what is!
You have to think anyway…might as well think BIG
Donald Trump
First post!

So this is my first (for real) attempt at blogging! I consider myself a very technically savvy young lady but the reality is I’m not. I have very distinct interests that don’t consist of me being in front of a computer screen. However I find a release in writing and what better way to release than by letting the world share in your feelings.

The topics I relate to are varied but in my twisted mind all go together and express what makes a truly Classically Glamorous Woman! I say classic because the art of being feminine is dying off with the fabulous grandmothers and sweet old ladies we all can’t help but notice.

I work at a bank and at this bank I encounter a ridiculous amount of older people. (Let’s be real when was the last time you saw a teller? Who needs them when you have ATMs and online banking?) These old folks are very wealthy, old money kinda rich, and they are so frickin adorable! Seeing them automatically puts me in a time machine. I can’t help but think about how fabulous (or not) they were when they were younger. Soft spoken, sweet women that are full of jokes and funny stories. I become sad when I reflect on the younger ladies I know that will never possess these virtues. There is a class that my generation will never have and its so far past sad!

Ok I’m rambling but I think you get my feelings at this point. I’m super old school and I enjoy learning from the past. The key is to learn from and not live in! As I share what I have learned and what I am learning feel free to tag along.

The Glamorous journey through the mind begins!